Thursday, 5 January 2012

Love your reflection.

I always liked the rain.
I may complain and moan but--
Rain has a heart... A mythical essence,
That wraps round your soul,
Makes you feel that you are alive.
Even if you're mind is in despair,
The rain tells you that you're living,
It assures you that you can still feel.
If you can feel, you can still be alive,
and you can still have hope,
for a warmer day ahead.

But then I would look beyond the curtain and scream.
Mirror reflect back naked body,
Stand still and then--
Cold wet shower,
Attacks my face.
Toes grip bath tight,
Wait there, upright,
Be Strong.
Like a soldier.
A minute later,
Orders seize.
Then a meeting face to face,
With own reflection.

Another scream, drop down to the floor.

But it's you.
Pick yourself up.
Start over.
You are who you are,
Wrap your arms around your chest.
Feel your shoulders,
Shivering, cold.
But alive.
You are human,
No matter what you are to others,
No matter what you are thought of,
You can accept your reflection.

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