Monday, 9 January 2012


Imagine everything we suffer goes into a large box.
Our physical illnesses,
Mental anxieties,
All the pain and the depression,
Everything, into the box.

I'd carry this box for you my dear friends,
But alone it's too heavy for me to carry.
However, I'll carry as much as I can,
Even if on the days when you can only carry a little,
I'll always try to lift the box.
Even if it gets heavier,
And even if we all get a little more weaker,
We are strong because we've made a box together,
Something we can share when the other is down.
And with the spare hand, we can pick each other up again.

Just don't forget that this special box is always here,
So there is nothing you need to hide.
No matter what it is,
It's our box,
So it's yours to use as much as mine.

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  1. Yay! I thought you being back might stop the updates here, I guess not!