Monday, 23 January 2012

The downside of ugliness

You hate yourself, your body, your face.
You know somethings not so right about thinking like that but... Well.
It's not that simple to change your mind is it?
You watch bitterly from the distance as others suffer from their own shadow,
"I'm fat, I hate my nose, I hate my teeth."
They have no clue, right? No absolute clue on how this game works?
Because they're alright - infact, they hardly have a problem.
But you. That's different. You're just ugly all over.
There is nothing of yourself you like, and the clothes that cling onto your skin - uncomfortable. You hate them.
You've tried to use every powder and every colour on your face, but well...
That just made you look like a joke.
So what now?
Where's chapter two?
Are you really going to stay on the first page?
No matter how many times I tell you that you're beautiful,
You're never going to believe me.
So you may aswell flick over the page and see what else there is to see and know.
Your novel can still continue and flourish,
Without a perfect beginning.

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