Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Gentle Fade

You are neither day nor night
Dawn, dusk, dark or light.
You are neither sound nor song,
Nor is there any shade so strong
That could define you, dear friend.
You who have gone so long
Without a word
Without a whisper
A suggestion
A glance
A single drop of something,
That reveals your existence. 
Yet you cause the wind to blow away.
You dare the shadows to lie beneath your feet and tired eyes.
You whistle, you hum,
You throw a stake at the nothingness
When you feel anger you shout
But the shout comes in a wave of thunder
Bursting, burning,
That hate you let out
It twists and turns
And it is no longer a shout
But a single phrase
You say to another ear
But mine.

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