Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Girl wants to pray,
She couldn't say
All the things she wanted to
In that one day;
Where the smoke had departed
And the broken hearted
Had decided she wasn't one of them.
She declined an invitation,
A kind of aspiration
She once had but lacked concentration,
Determination, preservation,
To say yes.
But now she wants to shout,
Take me out of here,
This darkness
I'm sinking into
Ain't somewhere to stay.
I'm just a girl,
Working all I can,
Make this sinister shadow
Go away.
But no one hears her,
And now she's alone,
Enduring the scaly skin
Of a snake
Biting into her,
Blinding her face
Like a black scarf;
Painting her eyes in a haze,
Fixing her gaze
To a muddy sepia
Of a dead world.

It's like an endless forest
In a twisted fantasy.
Without a final page,
Deep hypocrisy
That all fairy tales
Have knights and kings,
Brought up that way
To see splendour of things
Diamond rings,
That say the words that you don't want to.
Things that might be true,
Things that might be hidden away from you.
Bad nation.
Lies to generations,
Everything's fine, so work in celebration.

But the truth is...
Function is the devastation
Of every limb and bone
Of the mental salvation,
All blue thoughts
Sweep together
Like a herd,
Like a flood,
Like a swarm of hot blood.
Isn't a solution,
But the girl doesn't know,
The girl doesn't see.
And what the girl doesn't know or see,
Makes her

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